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A Little Bit About Me

Jennifer Shockey
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Bay Area, California


My love for design started with my love for sports. I grew up playing soccer, which I thought would be my career calling. However, at age

eleven I was diagnosed with a rare case of Spina Bifida and had to

have reconstructive back surgery. Incidentally this introduced me to

my creative calling where I quickly realized how much I thrived in exploring and developing my individual artistic expression in

mediums including charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, photography,

mixed media. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design

from The Art Institute of California - Sacramento on a fast-tracked scholarship schedule, I quickly landed my first job with an in-house marketing team at Lionakis, an Architecture firm in midtown Sacramento. From here my career path took a few fun turns to a Napa Valley Wine Mercantile, Papyrus with American Greeting Cards, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, and now currently Allworth Financial an investment firm specializing in retirement. I've truly appreciated every single experience. Every single connection. Every single type of workplace environment: good, challenging, growing, changing, expanding. Each place has shown me a new side to design I had no idea could exist and continues to challenge me creatively, professionally and personally.


I still thoroughly enjoy hands-on art, experimenting with new mediums like encaustics, alcohol inks, and mixed media gel transfers, to name a few. Other interests of mine include photography, astrology, space, jellyfish, cats, a chilled glass of rosé, succulents (although I have a hard time keeping them alive) sunsets, golden hour, travel, spending time near the ocean to reset and recharge. I also recently married my best friend of 12 years in Monterey Bay, so I will continue to show off our wedding photos :) 

Art and Design are the tangible tools I use to continually discover and express who I am, what I see, what I feel, and how I connect with this world and all of the beautiful variety of elements in it that we experience everyday. My passion is expression through communication and design. No one sees the world in the same way, and I want to share what I see and love through my design.

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