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A Little Bit About Me

Jennifer Shockey
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Bay Area, California


My journey into design was ignited by my passion for sports, soccer in particular, which I once envisioned as my career path. However, at the age of eleven, a rare case of Spina Bifida led to reconstructive back surgery, redirecting me towards my creative calling. I discovered a profound passion for exploring and expressing myself through various artistic mediums, including charcoal, acrylics, watercolors, photography, and mixed media.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of California - Sacramento on an accelerated scholarship track, I embarked on my professional journey. My career has led me through diverse experiences, from working with an in-house marketing team at Lionakis, an Architecture firm in midtown Sacramento, to ventures in Napa Valley Wine Mercantile, Papyrus with American Greeting Cards, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, and Allworth Financial, specializing in retirement investment.

Each opportunity has offered invaluable lessons, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growth. I've embraced every workplace environment, whether nurturing or demanding, as each has expanded my understanding of design and pushed me to evolve creatively, professionally, and personally.

Outside of design, I continue to explore hands-on art, experimenting with mediums like encaustics, alcohol inks, and mixed media gel transfers. My interests are diverse and  include photography, astrology, space, jellyfish, cats, enjoying a chilled glass of rosé, tending to succulents (with varying success), savoring sunsets and golden hours, and traveling to the coast to revitalize and recharge.

On a personal note, I recently celebrated my marriage to my best friend of 12 years in Monterey Bay. I will be forever cherishing the memories captured in our wedding photos.

Art and design are my foundational means of self-discovery and expression. I excel when collaborating with others to bring ideas to life. Through my work, I seek to share my unique perspective and connections with the world, highlighting the beauty and diversity of everyday experiences. My passion is rooted in communication and expression through design, acknowledging that everyone sees the world differently. I strive to share my vision and love through my creations.

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